Create Repository:

The repository is a centralized place where developers store all their work project. Repository is also support history of files like Create, Delete and Modify

Checkout :

‘Checkout’ Options use for create a working copy from the repository. Working copy is your own local copy where developers do their changes, and later on, submit these changes to the repository.

Update :

‘Update’ operation is used to synchronize local copy from their repository. As repository is shared by all the teams other developers can commit their changes and your working copy becomes older.
Perform Changes

Once you checkout you perform changes. you can existing file or delete/rename etc.

Once add files/directories. But this effect doesn’t immediately update on server, until you commit these change in repository.

Similarly one can delete files/directories. Delete operation immediately deletes file from the working copy, but actual deletion of the file is added to the pending change-list and changes are made to the repository after the commit operation.

‘Rename’ operation changes the name of the file/directory. ‘Move’ operation is used to move files/directories from one place to another in a repository tree.