Virtualization is an advanced technology which provides you useful IT services to manage your hardware, it distributes the full hardware capacity among the other machine.

In other practice scenarios, Let’s you have 2 physical servers with an individual dedicated requirement. One is a web server, second one is a database server.
Each server is being used resources about 50% capacity. And this case if you need one more application to host on a dedicated server then again you need one more dedicated server, So here you are not utilizing the free resources of the first and second server.

AE Techsupport helps you to virtualize of your hardware machine, and provide the multi-host on a single machine.


KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) is an advanced full virtualization technology for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization. It made of a loadable kernel module, kvm.ko, that provides you core virtualization infrastructure and a processor specific module.

Using KVM, you can run multiple virtual machines Linux or Windows images on single dedicated physical server, Each virtual machine has own virtualized hardware: Network card/ Graphics/ Disk/ Memory and CPU etc.

KVM is an open source software. The kernel component of KVM is included in mainline Linux, as of 2.6.20.

Supported feature:–

  • Snapshot
  • Resume
  • Pause


VMware is an advanced technology software and applications for virtualization, Now it’s widely spread around the world.

VMware’s products categorized in two levels:

Desktop applications and Server applications

VMware’s desktop software is compatible with all OSs, Like Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X.


VMware Workstation: This application is used to install multiple operating system on same single machine.
VMware Fusion: This product use for Mac users and provides extra compatibility with all other VMware products and applications.

VMware’s software hypervisors can run directly on the server hardware without the need any primary OS. VMware’s line of server software includes:

VMware ESX Server: This is an enterprise-level solution, VMware ESX is integrated with VMware v Center that provides additional feature to improve the manageability and consistency of the server implementation.

VMware ESXi Server: This server is similar to the ESX Server except that the service console is replaced with Busy Box installation, it was come in many types version from 4.x to 6.x and it requires very low disk space to operate.

Offering services for Vmware :-

  • VMware ESXi
  • VMware vCenter Server
  • VMware vSphere Client
  • VMware vSphere Web Client
  • VMware vSphere SDKs
  • vSphere Virtual Machine File System
  • vSphere Virtual SMP
  • vSphere vMotion
  • vSphere Storage vMotion
  • vSphere High Availability
  • vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
  • vSphere Storage DRS
  • Snapshot
  • Server converter

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