A secure server is a Web server that guarantees security for using online transactions. Secure connection use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol which encrypts and decrypt online transaction and protects data from unauthorized interception.

But you must have known about to what port should open from outside and other server and application vulnerability.

Our Security specialist team help you to deploy server and application security, And audit day to day to protect from cyber attacker.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a widely provide a complete set of bundle policies and procedures intended to optimize the security of Debit, credit and cash card transactions and protect cardholders user against miss use of their personal information.

PCI DSS test all level of vulnerabilities, and no any chance to store any client information on their local storage.

PCI DSS is must require for all industries who take payment through online credit, debit and cash card.

We fix all Vulnerabilities on server so that there is no chance to break to server security.

PCI DSS compliance Certificate valid till 90 days from the generated certificate, so they renew the certificate every 90 days.

  • Server inventory – List of all servers in our In-house or data center
  • Network inventory – List of all network devices which are in your data center as well as in your Inhouse development.
  • Include the version.
  • File Integrity Monitoring Solution
  • IPS / IDS alert solution deployed
  • Any host based protection deployed
  • Logging software used
  • SIEM solution used for monitoring the logs
  • Any encryption solution for application used
  • Any password management solution used
  • Any card-finder solution used
  • Any two-factor authentication mechanism used
  • List of banks name which are connected with you.
  • Run card finder utility check any card stored on your server or development environment.
  • You must make sure any customer information should not be saved in you application.
  • We provide our expertise to get the certificate from PCI compliance.

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Planning to build on payment gateway server, your server must be PCI DSS compliance, We provide you solution and support to get PCI DSS compliance certificate.

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