IVR Solutions

AE Techsupport have an attractive IVR & Dialer Solution, It helps you to terminate Domestic and International calls. Our focus to save the cost of customer service, So most of the facility provide on IVR, IVR get input from customers and give the answer to get from database server where all customer information store, It can be possible through api connectivity between IVR to database server.

Load balancer server balances the call on multiple servers with High Availability.

We offer our client to provide attractive IVR Solution. It’s available in many language English, Hindi, Spanish etc. Nowadays day to day competition level has risen up. We have no time to waste on leasing out people to deal with each and every customers. But now technology has improved and you can deal with all your customers by hosting the INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR) SOLUTION.

We provide you the best IVR SOLUTION to host it on our secure server. So, that you get a better platform to deal with your customer.

Process diagram

  • 1

    Customer Dial

  • 2

    Server Reponse

  • 3

    Customer Input

  • 4

    Call connect to concern department

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