Database Support

A Database Management System allows you to store and retrieve data from a server. It is a way of communicating a user with database servers, and this time database widely used in every small or big organization,

Databases (or DBs) have played a very important part in the recent evolution of systems.

AE Techsupport provides 24/7 outsource support to manage your database servers.

  • Installation of MySQL, MSSQL & PostgreSQL (Linux, Unix, & Windows).
  • Patch update
  • Setup replication between one node to another nodes.
  • Replication setup in across the zone.
  • High Availability of database servers
  • Performance tuning of database server.
  • Manage IOPS for fast writing.
  • Slow Query optimization.
  • Provide 100% uptime for Live databases.
  • Automatic backup schedule for all databases.
  • Take full or Incremental backup as per company policy.
  • Alert system for success or failure result.
  • Database design for application.
  • Automatic database backup solutions
  • Monitor size of backup and checked compress backup type.
  • Configure SSL for data encryption.
  • Monitor unauthorized access log.

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