Hire Server admin

Linux Administrator

Hire Remote Linux admin – AE Techsupport provides dedicated remote Linux Admin for managing your Linux/Unix server. He will manage your server and services and provide 100% uptime of Live applications.

Security specialist

Security Audit – AE Techsupport provides audit checks of server and running applications, It would be just like as ASV scan, We provide penetration test for server and applications.

Database Administrator

Hire Remote Database admin – AE Techsupport provide dedicated remote database admin for manage your live database servers. He will fully responsible for secure your database servers, fully query’s optimization, backup and 100% uptime of live database servers.

Windows Administrator

Hire Remote Windows admin – AE Techsupport provides dedicated remote Windows admin to manage your windows applications server. He will audit your system logs and protect the server from Vulnerabilities.

Cloud Engineer

Hire Cloud Engineer – We provide expert and experienced AWS certified engineer for managing cloud servers and services, he will help you to deploy application on cloud, VPS, VPN, security etc.

Devops Engineer

Hire Devops Engineer – We provide expert and experienced Devops engineer who will help you to automate production environment using different automation tools like Jenkins, Ansible, GIT and SVN.

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