Server Management

Our plan is to give you a feasible and right solution which our expert engineers provide you. they manage your infrastructure while you focus on your core business

  • 24X7 live monitoring
  • Disaster & failover Recovery
  • Server Hardening
  • Server Security Audits
  • Unlimited tickets

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Database Management

Service available for manage your database servers, and provide our expertise to extend your database server and scalable

  • Database monitoring
  • Crash situation handling
  • Database optimization
  • Replication checking
  • Slow Query log handling

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Aws Cloud Services

We build AWS infrastructure as per your requirement needed and optimize your running Cloud services.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Load balancing
  • Cloud Security
  • Monitoring and Audits
  • Cost Management

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Our expertise areas are

We have the expertise to handle 500 servers in the industry from last 8 years and provide 100% uptime of live application and databases.  AE helps you to increase the strength at the IT industry and provide full satisfaction of our work and quality. our internet users growing at a rapid rate, ensuring the safe and free flow of online information is one of the major concerns for organizations all over the world. Surprisingly, among the most vulnerable organizations which find themselves under constant threats from cyber hackers, who are looking to disrupt their online operations, including e-commerce and government websites. Thus, it is an alarming situation which concerns security and economies of various countries all over the world and does require a proactive approach to safeguard the interest of various stakeholders which are involved.AE is the web security industry’s provider, who protect your web server from hackers.

Service process

Our wide-ranging service offerings allow us to help organizations and address specific needs.

Why AE

We support and protect business operations
that rely on a robust server.

10+ Years in Industry

We have accomplished to move the existing
application on the latest technologies


Cloud environment made easier to
improve your business needs

Our Supported Product

We offer a 24/7 support and services provided by an experienced and specialized team.

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